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Vitamin Use and Link to Increased Mortality

For some time now, taking vitamins and minerals has always seem like a good thing — keeping topped up on those all important things that keep our bodies working away nicely. Yet recent research seems to show that regular use of supplements can actually increase the risk of death in later life.

It’s always been assumed that having too much of a vitamin and mineral can’t really do any harm and we’re just helping our bodies stock up on the necessary bits and pieces. This is the wrong way to go, it seems.

Eating well and leading a healthy lifestyle is still the number one.

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Vitamins in Higher Death Risk Link

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Too many vitamins may actually be bad for you, a new study suggests.

Reseachers report a link between vitamin use and higher death risk in older women. It appears to support what some experts have suspected for some time — that supplements are only beneficial to those with a nutrient deficiency.

The vitamins that seemed to particularly raise mortality rates are those that are most vigourously pushed on the market: multivitamins, folic acid, B6, zinc, iron, copper and magnesium. Researchers now feel that these are being widely bought by consumers without any real evidence that they provide any benefit.

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