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Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree made from 40,000 plastic bottles.

Eat Drink & Be Very Merry


Pasty Muncher

With some of these clips, you can’t help but cringe. And with all the compensation claims that people can make these days and the whole ‘if it was someone else’s fault’ I think the final guy in particular in entitled to accident at work compensation! 


When puppies attack…


Best Apps for Smart Phones

I have to say that internet banking has been one of the best things for me — not having to go and wait and queue for every time I need to transfer money, which I do quite regularly. Mobile banking for smart phones, then, looks even better! Remembering to pay all the various bills is a chore, so being able to do it while lazing around sounds great to me.

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Google Maps     Added by WordCaddy
One of the more obvious apps, but let’s face it, we’re all rather dependent on GPS and internet based things to show us the way these days. So having a map permanently on your pocket is very convenient.
Scan Bar Codes     Added by WordCaddy
Scan bar codes with your mobile to be able to instantly compare prices online.
Measure Stuff     Added by WordCaddy
Using your camera, this app measures the height of objects and then works out the distance between you and it.
Somalia Famine


Camps in Somalialand are filling beyond their capacity as more people flee the severe drought in Africa. Many of these camps were already stretched to breaking point, housing generations of families that had sought refuge from war and other poor conditions. Now the Somalia famine means that people wasting away to maluntrition and dehydration.





Moscow Orphanage

Anyone visiting and staying in Moscow now might notice a very large pastel building, long and low with a domed spire rising out the top. Although, considering the architecture of Moscow, picking such a building out would be like finding a fancy needle in a pile of similarly amazing needles.

This is The Orphanage. Current plans are to turn it into the Russian Parliament Center, but as the name suggests, its original purpose was to house children. It was a scheme proprosed by Catherine The Great and Ivan Betskoy in early 1760s. It was to be a programme that would create ‘ideal citizens’ by raising children in a high standard of living and giving them the chance to earn professional qualifications. The orphanage had more than adequate financing and people willing to partipicate.

Yet however successful everything else was, there was one unstoppable force — the mortality rate of the orphans. During Catherine’s reign, 40,996 children stayed at the orphanage…and 85% of these died. Attempting to control this mortality rate by placing the children in foster homes did nothing to change it.

Those would did survive were given places in things such as the theatre school or free admission to the Moscow State University. Some other students went on to other Western European Universities. However, many left the orphanage with only a rouble and a passport. 

With the Orphanage being finanaced through public donations and two special taxes from theatre shows and playing cards, and being cared for by Catherine, and later her daughter-in-law Empress Maria, it eventually flourished. By 1826 the mortality rate had dropped to 15% and until the Revolution in 1917, the Orphanage was a prominent national charity.